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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 1, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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at happened off the intersection of two major southbay freeways. go read of >>alecia reid:caught on fire between a number of trees >>:there were 3 bodies found in the vehicle >>alecia reid:.the paint burnt so badly you can barely identify the red inifinity. >>:whether the parties died from the collision or the fire, the coroner's office will help us figure that out. >>alecia reid:the 4 door sedan was fully engulfed in flames when firefighters got to the scene. >>:anytime you've got gasoline and sparks there's potential for a vehicle fire >>alecia reid:once the fire was out, authorities found 2 men and a woman inside. at least 2 of the victims were in their mid thirties. chp officials tell me it's too early in the investigation to figure out how fast the driver was going when it veered off the 101 south near story road. ryan fifield says there could've been a number of factors that contributed to the 2am crash. >>:due to the nature of the collision also the time it
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happened, alcohol could be a factor. >>alecia reid:standup - chp says there's no indication the driver tried breaking before hitting the embankment - running into this tree and breaking it in half. the s-u-v then burst into flames. a passerby saw the vehicle on fire and called 9- 11. highway patrol is urging anyone that witnessed the crash, to call authoritiesreporting in san jose. >>vicki liviakis:today the family of david runzel held a memorial hike. the teacher and avid hiker was killed on the huckleberry regional preserve trail in december. two hundred people showed up to the event including his family, members of his church, and friends. they wanted to honor his memory. ruenzel's murder has not been solved and no arrests made. there is a twenty-five thousand dollar reward for information leading to the killer. oakland police released a sketch of two men who are persons of interest in this
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case. the new england patriots are world champions. winning super bowl 49 in dramatic fashion. it came right down to the final seconds on the clock.and fighting erupted as tempers flared. but the patriots do it again winning 28-24. after a bad seahawks play in the final crucial seconds. kron-4's scott rates - his eyes glued to the game - has also been tracking social media response all day. scott, i can only imagine what are people saying! >>scott rates:it was on of those games vickey, but in the end 49ers fans probley got their wish a seahawks loss. super bowl 49 had a little bit of everything including a fight!!!
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a most unbelievable catch followed by a mind bending play call and a brawl to top it off #sb49 so besides the game itself what are people saying about the ad's well. that doritos commercial with the guy on the airplane was hilarious!!! the only good one so far. #superbowlcommercials #superbowlxlix >>:i've actually enjoyed most of them so far. funny, serious touching. good mix. #superbowlcommercial
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>>scott rates:and what about the wild halftime perfance by the one and only katy perry, here's what people on twitter have to say about her >>:awesome #halftime show. @missyelliott looked great. killed her performance! #sb49 >>:look, a lion finally made it to the #superbowl:- #superbowlxlix #halftime >>:i might be seeing things but some of those #halftime beach balls may have been deflated by @patriots assistants. #superbowl >>scott rates: at which that is what people want to utter sing about the super bowl. >>vicki liviakis:
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stay right here on kron-4. coming up at 9 join jason appelbaum and bip roberts for a full breakdown of super bowl 49. super bowl 49 didn't feature any local teams. but that didn't stop it from helping the local economy. kron four's dan rubin says no matter what the 49ers and raiders do next year all eyes will be on the bay area for superbowl 50. >>dan rubin:football fans in san francisco did their duty by heading out to catch the game. eventhough a lot of locals are still bitter about the way the niners finished. reality set in early for raiders and niners fans. it's time to start looking forward to next year. superbowl 49 might feel like a lose lose situation.
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but no matter how our local teams perform superbowl 50, is set to be a win win. >>: we can do it next year the >>dan rubin: a taste of what's to come was broadcast on t.v. and online on sunday. next year, san francisco will host the superbowl. this year's superbowl was played about 750 miles away from home. but local watering holes still got a boost from people drinking up. and local markets got a lift from others stocking up. win or lose. for many, superbowl 50 will give a good reason to cheer up. reporting in san francisco dan rubin, kron four news.
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>>mike pelton: 40 ambulances transported more than 120 patients from other hospitals sunday morning some from the ucsf mt. zion hospital most from the parnassus' campus gogo and ambience we will have a nurse and some physicians we're open for business >>mike pelton: the new michigan medical center house aware and
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the entire ucsf children's hospital. and the children's hospital iras showed as tablets and monitors that allow patients to play games watch movies or connected their family friends or dr. all proven a new kind of madison. >>: it helps take my mind it of of how sick i and >>: if all goes well iris hopes to be out of the hospital in a few days.
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>>annie anderson: some cable disagree with the san jose airport security breaches >>: it is much safer in san diego where we come from >>annie anderson: but according to a 2011 congressional review these bridges are not that, um, uncommon >>brian van aken: after yesterday's record high temperatures and sunshine all over the bay to they we have a change of high clouds coming in from this storm from the north and temperatures were down by about 10 to 15 degrees. but this is still well above average for typical times this
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year. yesterday we were in the upper 70's and 80's and today around the bay where about five to 15 degrees cooler. all the rain is in the north tonight from that storm or run your rica and crescent city. another dry day coming up for tomorrow with low clouds in the morning and fog. with a mixture of sunshine and high clouds and afternoon tomorrow like we had
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today. at 8 a disturbing sight at a northern california campus as hateful lithography is sprayed on the jewish fraternity plus a dramatic rescue of hikers on an organ mount and we have residents on the ejectors string of burglaries in the east bay
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>>vicki liviakis:in fremont.residents are on edge.after a recent crime spike. in one day alone -- eight home burglaries were reported in fremont thursday. that's on top of the five reported in a 24-hour stretch. a little more than a week ago.
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tonight, kron four's philippe djegal spoke with one of the latest victims who says, the burglars stole close to 100- cash and electronics. >>:"i mean, it is really difficult because i work hard." >>phillipe djegal:but now, the fruits of this high school teacher's labor are in someone else's hands. >>:"i don't want to take anybody's money. i don't want to i cant. i want to help people as much as i can, but that is not the right way." >>phillipe djegal:suman kaur's home on peachwood street has been cleaned up now. but these photos she took thursday show the mess the thieves left behind. >>:"they were all on the floor and the people just had their shoes over them." >>phillipe djegal:kaur lives with her sister. neither were homes when the burglars broke in sometimes thursday morning or afternoon. kaur says the burglars broke through the front door to get in. ryan miller lives across the street and says another neighbor noticed suspicious activity. >>:"the neighbor next door said she saw somebody knowcking on the door, um, in a hoodie, thats about it. only one person? two, actually, one in a red and black sweatshirt. there was a coule coming around selling vaccums and from what i understand that something they um like somebody will see if someone's home at the time, het a feel and if they knock on the door monday and they're not there on tuesday, you know typically its a pattern that they're at work or something, so
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i think its an easy target." >>:"i hope they get caught. they should get caught and they should. i mean, thats not right. why they want to take money from others? why can't they work a little bit harder." >>phillipe djegal:kaur recently cleared a bank safe, and says most of the jewelry and cash in the home were stolen. totalling close to 100-thousand dollars. police say some burlary suspects arrested in union city friday may be connected to the string of burglaries here thursday. in fremont, philippe djegal, kron four news. >>vicki liviakis:a disturbing sight in davis this weekend-- someone painted swastikas on a jewish fraternity house affiliated with u-c davis. students found the symbols spraypainted at the back of the alpha epsilon pi fraternity house, located off-campus. the frat brothers believe the vandalism may have been done in retaliation to their support for israel. they say this is an examploe that anti-semitism still exists.
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>>:"but i hope that a positive can come of this and it's that people can see that anti semitism on campus at uc davis is very real. its not some abstract idea that people are making up." >>vicki liviakis:the u-c davis chancellor called the behavior, quote, "repugnant and a gross violation of the values our university holds dear." u-c davis police are investigating this as a hate crime. but so far, they have very little information to go on. one lucky antioch resident hit the jackpot. a winning power ball ticket worth one point four million dollars was sold at buchanan smoke shop in antioch according to california state lottery officials. the ticket matched five of the six winning numbers in saturday's power ball drawing. officials advise the winner to keep the ticket in a safe place until it is cashed in a state lottery office. until all six numbers are matched, the jackpot remains at three hundred and seventeen million. january this year is the driest in recorded history for san francisco.
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this year the month had no measurable rainfall. the city's streets stayed dry last night when the month ended. this morning the city was greeted with temparatures hitting the 70s. san jose also had a dry january with only two one-hundreths of an inch of rain. the bay area is still at normal january rain levels this year despite the ongoing drought. still ahead. >>brian van aken: we didn't even have the sees across most bay area's. we have addressed january's we have the driest january on record.
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of will have water temperature up in february. we will see sunshine for tomorrow afternoon with low clouds for tomorrow morning and low fog as we go into tuesday but sunshine coming out in the afternoon
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as a move toward thursday friday and weekend the temperature and weather should k change. it could produce substantial rainfall for next weekend and you'll see high clouds tonight and tomorrow with possibly some scattered low clouds for the morning our year hours with patchy ground fog also. for tomorrow morning look for temperatures in the 40's with warmer temperatures and afternoon in the '60s and '70s.
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>>vicki liviakis:the president poised to lay out his budget plan before congress. and next. talk about being in the right place at the right time! portland mountain rescue crews were training on mount hood this weekend.
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>>vicki liviakis: talk about being in the right place at the right time! portland mountain rescue crews were training on mount hood this weekend. when they suddenly had to jump into action for real after three hikers fell. a woman lost her balance and grabbed on to her hiking partner before falling 500 feet. the group was being trained to deal with situations just like this. the woman suffered two broken ankles and her partner a broken leg. >>:there was a lot of ice fall and lot of rock fall. we've got two patients there, and we've got rescuers trying to attend to them with cantaloupes and
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bowling balls of ice falling down. >>vicki liviakis:the team formed a human wall and used their backpacks to block the falling ice. they were stuck in the snow for hours. a national guard helicopter was able to take the hikers to safety. coming up at 8:30. still ahead.
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>>vicki liviakis:the president getting ready to propose a four- *trillion*-dollar budget to congress. where he wants to spend much of that money. the daughter of whitney houston fighting for her life tonight.
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after being found face down in her bathtub. and winter weather bearing down hard. in the mid-west. residents getting ready for another week of ice and snow. next
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>>vicki liviakis:some of our top stories at the bottom of the hour. in san jose.three people died when their car crashed into two trees before catching fire. it happened on highway 101 just south of 680 around 2 a.m. chp says the infiniti was heading south when it went off the road, hit one tree and then another before catching fire. two men and a woman inside the infiniti were killed. they haven't been identified pending notification of family. the cause of the crash is under investigation. the same airport where a teenager hopped a fence and stowed away aboard a flight to hawaii is dealing with another security breach. police say 40-year-old jose mendoza was detained at mineta san jose international airport when a security guard spotted him walking beside a runway on thursday night. mendoza ran and tried to scale a section of perimeter fence.
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he suffered some minor scrapes and was cited on a misdemeanor trespassing charge and released. san francisco has a brand new state of the art medical facility. 10 years in the making.the u-c- s-f mission bay medical center opened today. 40 ambulances transported more than 120 young patients this morning to the children's facility. some from the ucsf mount zion hospital most from the parnassus campus. the new mission bay medical center hosts the entire u-c-s-f childrens hospital plus a womens and cancer hospital. the mother of kenji goto is speaking out today. her son is one of the japanese hostages allegedly beheaded by isis last week. a video was released yesterday from the islamic state. a masked man says because of japan's decision to take part in the war on isis. they have become a new target for the group. goto's mother appeared clearly heartbroken today in tokyo to speak with the media. she hopes goto's life mission will continue.
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>>: i have nothing now but tears coming to my eyes. >>vicki liviakis:.war and poverty isis is still holding a jordanian pilot hostage. they are hoping to trade his freedom for the release of a convicted female terrorist in jordan. jordan's government has said it is willing to make a swap if isis provides proof of the pilot's life. large portions of the united states from the northeast to the midwest are under a winter storm warning today. the northeast is bracing for bad weather for the second time in a week. almost 75 million people could be affected. mary moloney reports officials say they're doing all they can to prepare. >>: today we're getting 12 in. no snow in a 24-hour cycle
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>>mary maloney: they could see when does up to 35 m.p.h. and record-breaking snow >>: we are just trying to help people get to their job safely and trying to get resources to our residents >>mary maloney: the conditions are causing a nightmare for travelers about 2000 flights have been canceled. this swath of bad weather stretches from the midwest and northeast. in massachusetts where the blizzard is fresh in people's minds than make them think of the commute. >>: if there is a dangerous commute them recommend stay in home but there is no ban on driving. >>: many stoplights or damaged >>mary maloney: met many
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officials stressed safety >>: drive safely >>vicki liviakis:jury selection in the trial against boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is suspended monday because a snowstorm is expected to hit the northeast. proceedings are scheduled to resume tuesday. three people were killed and more than 260 were wounded when two bombs exploded near the finish line in 20-13. tsarnaev has pleaded not guilty. he is charged with 30 federal crimes, including 17 that carry the possibility of the death penalty. winter weather-boston marathon bombing president obama will propose a four-*trillion*-dollar budget to congress tomorrow. 478-billion will go to the public works program for highway, bridge, and transit upgrades. half of the money for the program would come from a one- time mandatory tax on profits that u-s companies have collected overseas. the president also plans on
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taking 320-billion-dollars to funnel the money into middle- class tax breaks. he wants a boost in the child care tax credit and to also help students pay for college. the secret service has arrested a man who climbed a bike rack outside the white house this afternoon. the man is charged with unlawful entry. a secret service spokesman says the rack is set back from the white house fence, making it unlikely that anyone could use it to get over. this comes after authorities completed an investigation of a small drone that crashed on the white house lawn. white house arrest the daughter of the late singer whitney houston is in the hospital. this-- just days before the third anniversary of houston's death. a source close to the family tells c-n-n bobbi kristina brown is in a medically induced coma--after she was found unresponsive in her georgia home. nick valencia reports. the go neck the valencia >>:it was eerily familiar-- bobbi-kristina brown found unresponsive face down in a bathtub at her home early saturday morning. the only daughter of deceased
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pop star whitney houston and singer bobby brown. her mother died in a similar scene almost three years ago. >>:"bobbi kristina's husband found her face down in a bathtub in a bathroom of her home. she was unresponsive, meaning not breathing, no heartbeat. we immediately started c-p-r on her." brown was taken here to north >>: fulton hospital where police said she is alive and breathing. but, the hospital cannot say what her current condition is. police say they are treating this as a medical incident. >>:"is there any indication that medication was a factor at all? prescribed medication?" >>:"right now they did not see anything on the scene that would indicate that. no alcohol or drugs laying around that would indicate that. " >>:since her mother's death in february of 2012 there has been concern about the 21-year-old's well being. people magazine ediror mary margaret. >>:"there was growing concerns, people have wondered the money
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she was given when she turned twenty one how that would play into her increasing dependence and what she would do with that. this is sort of there worse fears realized. >>:recently, there were signs that brown had made positive changes in her life. she tweeted about getting healthier, working, out and resurrecting her acting career. her supporters say they hope this is a tragic accident and just a horrible coincidence. nick valencia, cnn, roswell >>vicki liviakis:two men just floated their way into the record books. coming up we'll show you one hot air balloon race that's more than just. hot air. >>gabe slate: facebook is launching a new feature for their mobile application to help your sightseeing or dining and you'll want to know how to turn it off. >>brian van aken: the storm trackers showing rain and
8:37 pm
thunderstorms to the north and the dry conditions are changing for later this
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>>vicki liviakis:an american man and a russian man just floated their way into the record books. they set two world records after crossing the pacific ocean in a helium-filled balloon. this is video of them landing in baja mexico. but they are now back in the u-s in albuquerque the two men took off from japan last sunday and traveled more than 66-hundred miles in the balloon. the balloon used helium and gas instead of a traditional heat source. the journey means the men beat the gas balloon records for distance and duration. the records won't be official process which could take months. >>brian van aken: we had some strong winds and the jet stream to take them from japan to mexico. we have a storm of north coming towards our way. in the
8:40 pm
meantime we have a beautiful sunset over the san mateo bridge. live golden gate mostly clear that there will be high clouds left over from the storm system just to the north of us. low clouds will come in as we get closer to don. through the day we will have a mixture of sun shine and high clouds. if you're a member today will be pretty much the same tomorrow. the san francisco and oakland beclouds may take to the afternoon to finally cleared and
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warm temperatures in the upper '60's and 70's through wednesday and then thursday everything changes with rain coming lightly and then have your friday night into the weekend. in the morning we will have forties' around the bay and then in the afternoon upper 60s and low 70's. dry weather tuesday and wednesday and then cause the skin through the day thursday. friday a very windy day with winds up over 40 mi. per hour in real time.
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>>vicki liviakis: so you're into those binge tv marathons. coming up, if you don't want to become depressed. you might want to take it all in in smaller doses.
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>>gabe slate: facebook has launched a new mobile application that will help you out and about in the town. it is called place tips and here's what it dead's. activates when you walk into a place and once you're inside the location is scours for your friends a news feeds to see if they have been to the same place you are now at and whether they
8:45 pm
have written anything or posted a picture about that location. one example of you walked into a place and see a friend posted a picture of the dish you like an application will display relevant applications. it is easy to turn this feature off. by facebook but facebook says if you use this feature they will protect your privacy. however this that might be annoying to people. right now it is only in new york and not right here yet >>vicki liviakis:a new study
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finds binge-watching television shows could be bad for you. researchers with the university of texas in austin say they've found a link between marathon t- v sessions and depression and loneliness. the researchers surveyed more than 300 18-to-29-year-old people about their television watching habits and how often they felt lonely or depressed. the researcher say the survey found the more lonely and depressed participants were. the more likely they were to binge watch t-v. researchers say the findings suggest binge-watching should not be viewed as a "harmless addiction." they note binge-watching can be related to obesity and fatigue and may lead some to neglect their work and relationships. healthy eating may not be as hard as you think. consuming leaner meats and cutting salt and sugar can go a long way to a healthier you. adam mccoy explains these five steps to a better diet. >>:kick off some new eating habits. by evaluating your diet. try to stick with whole, natural foods as much as possible--- and limit ---or eliminate--- processed foods. start by checking food labels for the list of ingredients. >>:to eat clean means to really look at your foods, and make sure there's not that many additives to it. so fat, salt and sugar are the three things
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that we are looking for. if you can look at the ingredients list and make sure those types of ingredients are not in there, then you're probably on your way to have a clean diet. >>:according to registered dietician tamara melton, there are five steps to a better diet. first --- check all the expiration dates on food in your pantry and refrigerator. if it's expired, dump it. next --- look for leaner cuts of meat and fish. consider canned salmon and tuna --- and try hummus, edamame , or nut butters for snacks. these protein sources will help keep muscles strong. third step --- eat fruits and vegetables that are in season to keep your plate full of color. next --- amp up hydration with lots of water. finally --- now is time to break out the grill. keep meals simple and grill all your food at the same time. follow these five steps and be ready for a change to both your palette and how you feel. adam mccoy, cnn. >>vicki liviakis:this isn't something you hear everyday. a man calls 911 saying he was shot. at the same time -- the shooter calls saying he shot someone.
8:48 pm
kristen shanahan has the interesting audio. noel/victim: "i ******* need an ambulance i've been shot." >>:"okay noel where are you shot at hun?" >>:"my leg." >>:then another call comes in from 29-year-old justin wallage. >>:"911 what's your emergency?" >>:"i got a guy shot in the leg in my driveway." >>:while the victim moans in pain on the other line. the dispatcher asks wallage who shot him. that's when wallage says he shot the man in self defense. >>:"i'm not trying to hurt anybody, but i'm not going to get stabbed either." >>:"okay where did the shooter go?" >>:"i was the one who discharged the round defending myself." >>:"sir listen to me. why did you fire the weapon?" >>:"because he pulled out his knife and he charged me with it." >>:moments later police show up and take over. >>"police and paramedics arrive. they transport the victim to the hospital. we got an update on him, he got out of surgery and he's listed in serious condition." >>:as for wallage. he was booked into the logan county jail for assault and battery with a deadly weapon.
8:49 pm
>>vicki liviakis:a florida mother is demanding answers from her six-year-old daughter's school. after she was denied a bathroom break leading to an accident in the classroom. the young girl was in class when she asked her teacher to use the bathroom. she says she was warned that if she didn't stop creating a disturbance, she would be disciplined. the mother pulled her daughter from the school because of the incident. an incident she feels never should have happened. >>:"the teacher really should've let my child go to the bathroom and it would've prevented the whole thing." >>vicki liviakis:the school district is not denying the incident. they say it was a miscommunication that led to an accident. the teacher in charge believed all the students had taken a bathroom break prior to class. a baby for justin timberlake and jessica biel. a breaking bad star returns to t-v. and a super bowl weekend record. here's andy rose with today's hollywood minute. >>andy rose:justin timberlake is saying "bye, bye, bye" to those baby rumors. the former 'n sync-er posted a birthday photo to his instagram
8:50 pm
account saturday, announcing he and wife, actressjessica biel, are expecting. j-t's post says he's "getting the greatest gift ever". the couple doesn't appear to know the sex yet. timberlake hashtagged, "boy or girl?" and "we are taking bets." breaking bad star anna gunn is headed to c-b-s. the emmy-winner will shoot a criminal minds spinoff pilot with gary sinise in february. the two will play f-b-i agents investigating international cases. the episode will run as part of criminal minds' regular season this spring. american sniper continued its number one streak at the box office. bringing in almost 32-million dollars, the bio-pic broke the record for largest unadjusted super bowl weekend gross. children's story, paddington, moved up to number two. and the new sci-fi thriller, project almanac, came in at third place, closely trailing paddington. for hollywood minute, i'm andy rose. >>vicki liviakis:restaurants and wine bars crying in their beer. coming up, what's up with this trend of high end wine heists.
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it is becoming an unfortunate trend in the bay area. overnight burglaries to steal high end wine from bay area restaurants. it has happened in the north bay, south bay, and east bay. kron 4's j.r. stone has the story. >>j r stone: this restaurant is a fortress because he had beefed up security to protect his wine cellar after thieves came in
8:54 pm
2013 to sell steel the good stuff. >>: i had some burgundies they're much sought after. >>j r stone: the problem has not come away. fees came back april of last year and on christmas day of last year. >>: the thieves were using a crowbar and started to get in but the alarm which is very very loud when off >>j r stone: these cases are not unique to this place other places in saratoga and others as well have had it. >>: i think people are beginning to connect the dots that there might be an organized group.
8:55 pm
>>j r stone: the bad guys are targeting both unique and very expensive wines. in one of those cases wine was recovered but no arrests have been made. coming up straight ahead in sports night live jason applebaum and bip roberts will have of full breakdown of super bowl 49 and the fight between the seahawks and patriots and the crucial final moments of the game. most people were inside watching tv but the good of the now said it was so nice >>brian van aken: it was sunny with a little bit of clouds with mostly a similar day tomorrow.
8:56 pm
temperatures in the afternoon tomorrow be in the '60s and '70s. the temperatures are much warmer than the averages. tuesday and wednesday we will see a mixture of clouds and son with warm afternoon temperatures. we'll have a storm that will bring rain thursday friday saturday and sunday. hopefully it will bring a few inches and will bring strong winds. >>vicki liviakis:that's it for the kron 4 news at 8. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps. our next newscast is tonight at 11 o'clock. see you then. goodnight.
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>>jason applebaum:a super bowl that lived up to the hype. with one yard separating the champs from the loser. hello everyone.


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